The difference of three tempers of 6061 aluminum sheet plate-F/O/T6

2024-03-11 16:11:51

6061 aluminum plate is one of the aluminum plate alloys with a wide range of applications. It has medium strength and is deeply loved by users due to its advantages such as good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, and good anti-oxidation effect. At present, 6061 aluminum plates are widely used in automobile manufacturing, precision machining, mold manufacturing, automated machinery parts, ship parts and other fields. Commonly used tempers of 6061 aluminum plates include F, O, T, etc. Different applications have different product performance requirements, and the tempers of the aluminum plates used are also different. This article will take you through the differences between the three tempers of 6061 aluminum plates: F, O and T6.

Introduction to the three tempers of 6061 aluminum sheet plate F, O and T6

6061 F aluminum sheet plate. F represents the free processing state, which is suitable for special products with work hardening and heat treatment conditions during the molding process. The F-state aluminum plate needs to go through medium-thick plate slicing-sawing-polishing (not polished)-packaging. The production process is very short. There are no specifications for the mechanical properties of the F-state. Customers can heat-treat the F-state according to their own needs to produce the required status use.

6061 O aluminum sheet

6061 O aluminum sheet plate. The O state refers to a processed product that has been annealed to obtain lower strength. It is suitable for 6061 aluminum alloy thin plates with a thickness of less than 8.0mm. The production process is: cold-rolled finished product thickness – tensile bending and straightening cleaning – annealing – flying shearing (or A series of production including stretching, bending and straightening out of the finished product) – packaging and warehousing, the production cycle is generally within 10 days.

6061 T6 aluminum sheet plate. T6 represents the heat treatment state, which is a strengthened state obtained by heating the aluminum alloy to a certain temper, rapidly cooling it, and then further processing. 6061 T6 aluminum alloy is the most widely used and popular 6 series product. In this state, it goes through medium-thick plate quenching-medium-thick plate slicing-stretching machine-aging treatment-sawing machine-polishing-packaging. The entire production cycle takes about 10 days. After solution heat treatment, cold working is not required and straightening and leveling can be performed without affecting the mechanical properties.

6061 T6 aluminum sheet

What is the price difference between the three tempers of 6061 aluminum plate F, O and T6?

Due to different production difficulties and production cycles, 6061 aluminum plates with different tempers have different product performance and different prices. Generally speaking, F-temper aluminum plates are the cheapest, and T6-temper aluminum plates are the highest among the three. If you want to know the detailed price of 6061 aluminum plate, you need to provide the required product status and specifications, and contact us for a quotation. Click to Order


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