Medium thick 6061 aluminum plate

2024-04-08 11:42:32

We usually refer to aluminum plates with a thickness greater than 6mm as medium-thick aluminum plates. Different from ordinary thin sheets, medium-thick aluminum plates are more difficult to process and their application range is relatively fixed. Flait Aluminum can produce more than 1/4 inch thick aluminum plate, including medium-thick 6061 aluminum plate. Our medium-thick 6061 aluminum plates have stable performance and reliable quality, and are used in ships, automobiles, molds, construction machinery, pressure vessels and other fields.

Specification of medium thick 6061 aluminum plate

Product name: Medium thick aluminum plate

Alloy: 6061

Temper: F, O, T4, T6, T651, H112

Thickness: 6-500mm

Width: 100-2650mm

Length: Customized

Application: Ships, automobiles, molds, construction machinery, pressure vessels, etc.

6061 medium thick aluminum plate

Advantages of Flait medium thick 6061 aluminum plate

  •  Independently develop hot-rolling production lines to solve the difficult problem of processing medium-thick aluminum plates.
  •  The maximum thickness of medium-thick aluminum plates and extra-thick aluminum plates produced can reach 500mm.
  •  Medium thick 6061 aluminum plate has stable performance, no trachoma, and good oxidation coloring effect.
  •  Special technology is used to eliminate the residual internal stress after quenching of the product, and the cutting will not deform.
  •  High production capacity, can be customized on demand, and stable delivery within 7-35 days.


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