5083 Aluminum Plate for Ship Porthole

2023-11-14 16:43:38

5083 aluminum plate for ship porthole is usually on the side of the ship. In order to be suitable for ship portholes in the marine environment, it is necessary to use 5083 aluminum plate with corrosion resistance and good anti-rust function, which can resist corrosion and the harsh environment of the marine climate. Our 5083 aluminum plate can still maintain its strength after welding, has high strength and low ductility fracture performance, and has high corrosion resistance and good anti-rust function. Various sizes of ship windows can be customized to determine the layout of rafters and pens use.

5083 aluminum plates are typically used for larger portholes or those exposed to harsh marine conditions. 6061 aluminum plates are typically used for small and medium-sized portholes or portholes on ships operating in less extreme marine environments. The choice of aluminum alloy for portholes can depend on a variety of factors including porthole size, marine environment and the specific requirements of the ship. Welcome to contact us to order.

5083 Aluminum Plate for Ship Porthole

Specification of 5083 Aluminum Plate for Ship Porthole

Alloy 5083
Temper O,H111,H112,H116,H24,H32,H321
Thickness (mm) 1.50-120
Width (mm) ≤3100
Length (mm) 1000-16000
Certificate DNVGL,ABS,LR,CCS
Surface treatment Anodizing, spraying or other surface treatment

Chemical Composition

Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Ni Zn Ti Zr AL
5083 0.40 0.40 0.10 0.40-1.00 4.00-4.90 0.05-0.25 0.25 0.15 Remainder

Mechanical Properties

Alloy Temper Tensile strength Rm(Mpa) Yield strength Rp0.2(MPa) Elongation A(%)
5083 O/H111/H112 ≥275 ≥125 ≥16
H116 ≥305 ≥215 ≥10
H321 305-385 215-295 ≥12


Features of 5083 Aluminum Plate for Ship Porthole

  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good welding performance
  • High strength
  • Lightweight
  • Ease of processing

Application of 5083 Aluminum Plate for Ship Porthole

  1. Portshole frame: 5083 aluminum plate can be easily processed into porthole frames of various shapes and sizes. Its high strength and corrosion resistance ensure the long-term stability of the porthole frame in the marine environment.
  2. Porthole glass installation bracket: Ship portholes usually require glass as a light-transmitting material. 5083 aluminum plates can be used as brackets and fixings for glass installation, providing strong support and fixation.
  3. Surface decoration of portholes: The external decoration of ship portholes usually needs to consider aesthetics and anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties. 5083 aluminum plates can be used as decorative materials on the surface of portholes, providing a beautiful appearance and excellent corrosion resistance.
  4. Porthole sealing gasket support: The support made of 5083 aluminum plate can provide solid support and stability during the installation process of the porthole, and can perfectly match the hull structure to ensure the sealing effect.


Original Source: https://www.flait-aluminum.com/Marine-grade-aluminum-sheet.html

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