5052 H24 aluminum sheet for automotive parts

2024-06-17 17:06:58

Aluminum alloy is one of the key materials for lightweight automobiles. It has advantages in cost-effectiveness, ease of processing and forming, and safety. It replaces traditional steel in automobile manufacturing, and its usage ratio is increasing. Today we introduce 5052 H24 aluminum sheet. 5052 aluminum sheet for automobile parts has the advantages of lightness, fuel saving, safety, good handling, and corrosion resistance.

Properties of aluminum 5052 H24

5052 aluminum sheet belongs to the category of hot-rolled aluminum sheet. H24 is a semi-hardened state. Compared with other states, 5052 H24 aluminum sheet has a softer hardness, is easy to stretch and oxidize, has high plasticity, and good ductility. Although it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, it maintains good plasticity during semi-cold hardening, and reduces plasticity during cold hardening, and has excellent welding performance.

Alloy-Temper Tensile Strength Shear Strength Fatigue Strength Elastic Modulus Brinell Hardness Elongation at Break
5052 H24 190-250 MPa 150 MPa 110 MPa 68 GPa 67 8%


Specifications of 5052 H24 aluminum sheet for automotive parts

AlloyTemper 5052 H24
Thickness(mm) 0.2-250
Width(mm) 100-2650
Length(mm) 500-6000
Surface treatment Mill finish,bright, polished, hair line, brush, sand blast, checkered, embossed, anodized, etc.
Lamination type Blue film, transparent film,paper
Standard ASTM B209, ASTM B928, AMS-QQ-A250/8, GB/T 3880


Advantages of 5052 H24 aluminum sheet for automotive parts

◆5052 H24 aluminum sheet is the highest strength non-structural semi-hard alloy among non-heat-treatable strengthening alloys, with medium static strength. The fatigue strength of 5052 H24 aluminum alloy sheet is higher than most alloys.

◆5052 H24 aluminum sheet has excellent corrosion resistance, especially in marine applications.

◆5052 H24 aluminum sheet has good forming and processing performance and good plasticity.

◆5052 aluminum alloy is a weldable alloy with good weldability.

◆5052 H24 aluminum sheet can be deeply processed by oxidation, with good oxidation coloring effect and extremely metallic texture.

5052 H24 aluminum sheet for automotive parts

5052 H24 aluminum sheet for automotive parts is easy to process and has beautiful appearance. It is suitable for various surface treatments, has good thermal and electrical conductivity, and can be applied to various automotive parts such as automotive outer panels, engine hoods, door handle decorations, fenders, and accessory stampings. Its performance is stable and reliable, with strong corrosion and cracking resistance, which greatly reduces the occurrence of welding cracks, thereby ensuring better vehicle safety performance.


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